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Roulette Computer Online Casino – How To Win More Often And Get The Best Payouts?

Roulette Computer Online Casino – How To Win More Often And Get The Best Payouts?

While from the mathematical standpoint, roulette isn’t the optimal game to knock up a fortune, its popularity with gamblers never dwindles. The gameplay is both easy and full of excitement, while the diversity of bets allows every player to find their own perfect balance between risk and reward. Let’s have a look at the smart tips and strategies that can help a punter succeed at a roulette computer online casino.

Playing At A Roulette Online Casino: Seasoned Gamblers’ Recommendations

Aside from playing at trusted online portals with a good reputation, you can employ the following tips to both enhance your gambling experience and improve your chances of winning.

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  1. Start with some free practice to get closely familiar with the betting table and the gameplay. Almost every roulette computer online casino will have RNG-based games with a demo mode.
  2. Play roulette games based on the European wheel. It offers a low house of just 2.7%, while the American wheel has the additional double zero sector that brings the house edge to almost 5.3%.
  3. Opt for the bets on the outside of the betting table. They have smaller payouts compared to the bets on the inside, but the chances to hit a win are much higher.
  4. Whenever possible, take advantage of the En Prison rule. When the ball hits the zero, instead of a loss on your even-money bet, your wager will be carried over to the next spin.
  5. Keep an eye on your bankroll. Various betting strategies will help your structure your roulette session. Setting a loss limit will prevent you from getting carried away.

Keep in mind the usual rules of responsible gambling: don’t drink and play, avoid playing when you’re dealing with emotional turmoil, and never wager the funds you cannot afford to lose.

Choose Your Strategy On How To Win In A Roulette Computer Online Casino

While luck is what largely decides your success in a roulette game, certain approaches to betting can help you leave the roulette table with more money than you had when you took your seat.

Winning Is Inevitable: The Martingale Strategy

The core idea behind the Martingale strategy for playing at a roulette computer online casino is: sooner or later, you will strike a win. The rules of the strategy are uncomplicated: every time you face a loss, you raise your bet 2x. When you eventually win, the sum will be big enough to cover the losses you’ve amassed along the way.

Risk-Avert Players Choose The D’Alembert Strategy

The principle behind the D’Alembert strategy is similar to Martingale. However, it’s more sparing of the player’s bankroll. Instead of raising your bet 2x after a loss, you increase it by a pre-determined increment. For instance, if your first bet is $20, your bet $40 after the first loss, $60 after the second loss, and so on.

James Bond’s Strategy In A Roulette Computer Online Casino

Agent 007’s approach is best suited for a brief session at a roulette table. In every round, you will need to wager $200 (or a multiple thereof). Of this sum, $140 goes on 19-36, $50 on 13-18, and $10 on the zero sector. The advantage of this strategy is that you’re guaranteed to score a win about 65% of the time.

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